Jan and Paul first began singing together when they were students, with Jan on guitar and vocals, and Paul playing harmonica and vocals. The couple have held various residencies in folk clubs over the years including Aberdeen, Lancaster, Nottingham, and currently Grimsby.

The Covid lockdown allowed them to reach a far wider national and international audience as they took full advantage of the zoom folk sessions in the UK, US, Israel and beyond. During the last two years they have been invited to play numerous extended sets on UK and worldwide open mic and folk zoom clubs around the world. With the removal of all covid restrictions the number of gigs have predictably increased. A particular highlight of this year will be a series of concerts in Israel in the autumn, including the opportunity to headline a festival. Next year they have been invited to play a number of gigs in the USA.

Final of ‘Write a Song for Lincolnshire’

To discuss possible bookings, please contact Jan on 07984 643921 or email: jprfolk@gmail.com Set lengths are available from between 30 and 90+ minutes.

Our sets include a combination of traditional, contemporary and self-penned folk music with an occasional Americana song. Our approach to our gigs was very well described in a review following a recent visit to Lymm Folk Club: “They gave us a great variety of songs, some with sing-along choruses, others without, and some interesting variants on well-known songs – for example, the poles apart Leezie Lindsey and The Molecatcher! They gave us fascinating back stories to many of the songs, without falling into the trap of talking so much that the songs took a back seat!”

Lincs to Land and Sea‘ Released

Jan and Paul were scheduled to produce a new album back in 2020, but then along came Covid. They have now released a very different CD to the one originally envisaged. This collections of songs arose as the pair decided to work on a new collection of self-penned songs, six of which are on the new album, and to put tunes to a number of poems by Henry Winn. There are also two traditional songs on the CD. All the songs have a common theme – they are all about people, events and the beauty of the UK county of Lincolnshire. The album is entitledLincs to Land and Sea, and is now available to purchase (please see below).

Who’s Henry Winn?

Henry Winn (1816-1914) was a writer, historian, and poet. He wrote about everyday life in the Lincolnshire Wolds. He lived throughout his long life in the Lincolnshire village of Fulletby through both the Victorian and Edwardian eras. As a consequence of his writing he became a Lincolnshire celebrity, as well as being known nationally for his knowledge of the county. He held numerous roles within the community including Parish Constable, Church Warden, teacher (co-founder of the village school and a free library), owner of the village grocery and drapery store and parish clerk (the Guiness Book of Records recognises Winn as the longest ever serving parish clerk, some 86 years). These positions meant he was well placed to record differing social attitudes and the impact on society of the various changes on working families during those times. He continued writing until shortly before his death (publishing a history of Fulletby in his ninetieth year). His observations and comments on human nature and the Wolds remains as pertinent and relevant now as they were more than 100 years ago.

The CD,Lincs to Land and Seais available to purchase for £10, US$15, €14.50, ₪50, including postage and packaging. The album comes with a twelve page booklet with the poems of Henry Winn and the words for all the songs, plus background information. (10% of all sales of the CD will go to the ‘Henry Winn Legacy Project‘.)

Please note. To pay using a credit or debit card simply click on one of the button card images below the ‘Pay with Paypal’ button and that will take you to the appropriate payment page. Thank you.

Lincs to Land and Sea

Album – Lincs to Land and Sea


Lymm Folk Club 2022

Music is the international language and Jan and Paul are fluent. Impeccable harmonies, masterful playing and transformative material combine for an unforgettable experience. Our audiences devour whatever thy serve up and always want more!” (Glen Gardener – Host, Fiddler’s Dream International Open Mic, Phoenix, Arizona, USA)

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“We finally got to meet this brilliant duo. Not only does Jan have a wonderfully clear voice, and excellent guitar techniques, but Paul complements her so well with his harmonies and ‘blues harp’.” (Bernard Cromarty, Organiser Lymm Folk Club)

“A duo to listen out for! … Jan has a gorgeous voice and Paul’s harmony vocals and harmonica are a perfect foil for it. Jan and Paul are polished performers.” (Steve Evans, Earache Folk News)

Your performance was excellent! The songs were very well performed and everyone enjoyed them!” (Pete Thompson, Chair, Northwich Folk Club)

“You blew our minds your set was absolutely beautiful!” (Phil Bacal, Host, Jerusalem Folk Club)

View of Waring Valley, Fulletby‘ (Home village of Henry Winn)
Album cover painting by Fulletby artist Jeanette Smith
Henry Winn (1816-1914)